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This site exhibits the artwork & storytelling of  Darcy Bowen.  

These stories are available in Kindle format from Amazon.com....They are basically comic books

of an Adult nature.

You don't necessarily need a Kindle device - the Kindle app is usually available on mobile phones.





Aztec Dreams

The first work here is an on-line graphic novel, ( a comic book style story), for mature readers called Aztec Dreams.   It's a fast paced story involving an Aztec idol that a young woman discovers during a harrowing underwater cave diving experience and the following events that unfold as she finds that a spirit lives inside this idol.

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Below is a collage of scenes from all four Chapters of Aztec Dreams.  These stories are intended for mature readers due to language and content.

Parental guidance is advised.








Quinn's Voodoo

   To the left here are the covers to a five chapter  story called Quinn's Voodoo. 

 This story involves Carder Quinn, an architect who moves his family to South America in pursuit of a career change.  He moves, unknowingly, to a region considered dangerous and cursed. Events take place whereby Carder is compelled to seek revenge, through supernatural means,  for wrongs done to him in the past and present. This is a fantastical story for Mature audiences due to language and content.

Clicking on any of the book covers to

the left will take you to Amazon.com


   Below are a collage of scenes pulled from all five Chapters of this story.



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